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Paint correction is the process of restoring the paintwork of a vehicle, by eliminating surface imperfections such as oxidization, swirl marks, fine scratches, bird dropping etching, acid rain etching, buffing trails, bugs and more. Paint correction is a very labor intensive process and should only be done by qualified experienced detailers. At Trident Automotive Paint Solutions, we only maintain the highest qualified detailers to work on your vehicle.  This process is a very important step that proceeds, Protection Film applications, Vinyl Wraps, and Ceramic Coatings.



There’s nothing like a new car finish, except keeping it that way during your ownership.  The first step in preserving your automobile’s “new car” look is protecting the paint from elements.  Whether it is a rock chip, swirls, scratches, dings, hail, love bugs, acid rain, or even that accidental grocery cart, preserving your vehicle’s paint is the first and essential step to safeguarding your investment.  Utilizing the industry’s leading technology in ‘self-healing’ films has never been more important.  At the end of the ownership whether it be trading in or selling privately, having a vehicle with a PPF treatment will limit your vehicle’s depreciation.




Vehicle Wraps allows owners to change the appearance of their without permanent implications.  Wrapping your vehicle gives you the option to change the color to anything you can imagine without depreciating your vehicle.  Although not to the level of PPF, wrapping your vehicle does protect your factory paint as well.  Thinner than PPF, wrapping your vehicle will protect from UV rays and some of the elements of weather.  Looking to get creative?  Our team can assist you in designing a wrap with graphics, logos, lettering, striping, or just about anything imaginable from an artistic or advertising concept. For those wishing to add some flair without wrapping the entire vehicle, other options include accent stripes, logos, racing numbers, sponsorships, etc. You can also wrap your vehicle on top of Paint Protection Film for the ultimate in protection and design. 




In recent years, the use of nano technologies has revolutionized the paint protection industry. These “Ceramic” coatings offer long term protection and a durable shine to the exteriors of your car.  Post a curing period, ceramic coatings are measured to have hardness above 9H. Normal clear coat has hardness between 2H and 4H. This “nano shield” prevents minor scratches to your clear coat and acts as a sacrificial layer. With Ceramic coatings your paint won’t fade or age due to the UV protection and are protected from the impact of bird droppings, bugs, dirt and tar.  Ceramic coatings are also recommended for vehicles finished in Paint Protection Film (PPF), Vinyl Wraps, Commercial Wraps.




Whether it is cosmetic or functionality, window tinting remains at the forefront of aftermarket enhancements once a vehicle is acquired. That being said, not all tint or tint installers are created equal.  Trident Automotive Protective Solutions provides the most up to date technology the industry has to offer from a film and installation perspective.  We use the most advanced software and computer based cutting technology to cut the film prior to installation.  Our certified Installers, ensures the most proper fit the first and every time.  Several films are available for your vehicle with a vast array of shades, heat and infrared rejection properties to suit your needs.


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